Why you need a brand story


How are you? Busy making magic I’m sure! I’m always rooting for you.

Today I want to talk about your brand story. Stories are the #1 way you can effectively sell a product and market yourself. In your business, you want to have 3-5 brand stories about various things. Perhaps how you started, why you chose a product name, or why you know this is the best service you offer.

Stories are a way to evoke emotion in people and as humans, we buy heavily based on emotions. Each story you have needs to have 2 versions, one you can tell in 2 minutes or less and one that can stretch longer 5-15 minutes.

These stories need to be true to you and your brand because one thing people can’t stand is someone trying to sell them who isn’t authentic.

I’ll give you an example. One of my brand stories is how I got started in the Lash Industry. I talk about how I was burnt out in my job as a Child and Youth Worker and was encouraged by my lash artist to take the course. Now, why would I use this story? Well, I tell it when I’m promoting my lash training programs. People can connect with the fact that I wanted a change and was burnt out, and they see that I’ve now made it work running a successful business.

I’ve told that specific story so many times it’s like second nature to me. (I’ll post a link below you can check out to hear it) So I have an assignment for you. Tonight I want you to brainstorm stories you have related to your business and brand and tell them out loud to yourself as if you’re being interviewed. Practice these as you never know when the opportunity will come up to share.

You got this!

xo, Claire