Social Media Success Secrets for Beauty Pros


One thing we know for sure is social media is a beast. There are countless strategies, courses and magic spells to help you grow and master the all-might algorithm. But the one thing people always seem to get caught up in is vanity metrics.

*Once I get to 10,000 followers, I just know my business will take off*

If we’re honest with ourselves, we know that isn’t the case; whether you have 100 followers or 10s of 1000s, if people don’t want what you’re selling, they won’t buy.

I’m here to tell you that you can make social media work for you with a small following. I’ve built a 6 figure brand and helped countless beauty pros grow their business with under 3000 followers.

I’m going to dive into some aspects that can be holding you back in social media and strategies to turn it around.

Social Media wants you to be social

Please don’t post and ghost. Once you start getting a lot of engagement, I know, it can be hard to keep up with everything, but this can improve your efforts. Social media is a back and forth. Followers comments you reply.

The social media circle of life.

When you post something, try to keep your notifications on for at least 30 minutes to respond to any engagement you’re getting.

You need to give clear instructions

Spell it out for your followers. What do you want them to do? There should be a call to action included in EVERY post.

Call to actions are instructions we give to our followers so they can continue the journey with us. It may be pointing to more value, asking them to connect with you personally or, in some cases asking for the sale.

Here are some common CTAs>>

Hit the link, comment below, share with a friend, DM me for more info. Choose one based on what you want your followers to do.

Social media is the handshake

We put far too much pressure on social media to carry our business. Social media is the handshake, like an appetizer to your business. They get a taste of your vibe and what you have to offer. Then we should be pushing them to our email list, website or newsletter to close the sale.

Can you make sales on social media? Of course, but it should not be your only marketing engine for sales. Expand your reach and further look into other channels. The best part of this is it takes a tremendous stress off our shoulders, knowing social media doesn’t have to do it all for us.

Begging for the sale

Ever walk into a store, and the associate asks you every 5 minutes if you need help, want to hear about the specials, or points out all the products you should buy? Like can you BACK UP! It’s annoying and frustrating, and most of the time, you’ll just leave the store and not buy anything.

You’re annoyed; business loses the sale. Basically no one wins.

It’s the same if everything you post on social media is asking people to buy from you. You have to massage the sale, build a relationship and provide value before hand. The rule I tell my students is 70/40.

70% of the time you’re providing free valuable content and 30% of the time you’re asking for the sale.

You’re not providing value

Remember that 70%? That’s where our content spends most of it’s time, living it’s best valuable life. Value doesn’t just have to be education based. Anything that is interesting, brings someone joy or a chuckle. Look at your own habits on social media what entertains you? What feeds make you come back for more?

Do proceed with caution, just because you love it doesn’t mean your ideal client loves the same content. Dig into your ICA (ideal client avatar) then create content that they would want to see and interact with. This can change and evolve over time which is totally ok. It may also require tweeks here and there. Don’t get discouraged content creation is a process and takes time to find the right flow.

You got this

Your engagement won’t just pop off over night. It takes time and consistency but I promise focusing on good content, engaging with your audience and not getting too stressed out pays off!

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