Future of the Vivien Claire Podcast


claire hooper

Well well well it’s been a hot minute since I’ve been on the podcast, social media or even this blog. But trust me I’ve been around, living in the moment. See below

I break it all down in my new episode. Honestly, I wasn’t feeling inspired, I’ve been going non-stop for the past two years and my business has started to run with self-driving momentum. Meaning I don’t always have to be face forward selling in order to sell courses or have people engage in my content.

The fruits of my labour were really paying off. However, I knew I didn’t always want to run my business from the shadows. I enjoy showing up but it HAS to be authentic or honestly, it just wouldn’t be me. So I decided to just sit with it. Why force myself to do something or create something that wouldn’t feel good.

So I’ve been waiting and I realized there is more to my brand than giving you the 5 tips to scaling your business or what are the hot tools for entrepreneurs. My brand and education are rounded and encompass so many things. I always say YOU are the visionary of your brand so when something doesn’t feel good, or you want to change something don’t hesitate.

You got this! Listen to my new episode and all details below