How to Sell without feeling slimy


Whether you like it or not, at some point in your life, you’ll be doing sales. But most people think it’s in the door-to-door salesman kinda way. The truth is we’re always selling, whether it’s physical products, an idea or even ourselves. (think job interview)

Even in my own life, if I take it back to when I was a child and youth worker, I was selling the idea that going to school and staying out of trouble was a good choice for my students. So when you’re thinking about sales, I want you to step outside of what you normally picture.

I go into more detail in this episode of the podcast


We can get really uncomfortable as business owners when we enter sales mode. We like to put so many different obstacles in our way. What if I come off as pushy? What if they get upset? What if they DO buy my product, but they don’t like it.

I’m here to tell you all these reactions are normal, but if we want to grow, we do have to push back against those thoughts. I break it all down in my podcast episode above.

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