I get it! Being an entrepreneur is hard. Often times we are a one person show.

My goal is help make it easier. I help beauty business owners create systems in their business to position it for success.

First off thank you so much for being here. It really means the world to me that you want to know more. I'm a woman who has big dreams and continuously encourages others to follow theirs. We all have the power to reach ultimate levels of success.

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In my previous career, I was a Child and Youth worker, and although it was rewarding after 6 years I was getting burnt out and decided it was time for a change.

I took a lash course and never looked back. However, helping people succeed has always remained at the centre of what I do. This is why I knew mentorship and education were an absolute must in my career. 

I have so much lived experience in the lash industry from winning an international lash competition to educating for a major lash brand, to opening my own private lash studio.

I knew I had to share this experience with others and help them on their journey. 

Claire has been so helpful in getting me to organize my business. 

The only thing I wish was that I didn't wait so long to get mentorship. The whole process was seamless and I'm already seeing the changes impact my business directly. I recommend taking a call with claire. 

Rebecca, Lash Artist


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