Let's clarify your business vision and strategy

To attract your ideal clients you need the right systems in place. Getting a clear picture is essential

Running a business is a full-time job. We are the marketer, designer, brand ambassador, visionary, service providers...and the list goes on. Having so much lived in the industry I knew I had to share my knowledge and help others position their business to be the business of their dreams. Helping beauty business owners create systems that not only get you clients but scale. 

Mentorship Calls

In business, there can be a never-ending list of questions and tasks. We're all capable of ultimate levels of success sometimes we just need help finding the tools to get there. Mentorship calls are a safe space to ask ALL the questions. 
The goal is to troubleshoot and get you closer to having and running the business you desire. 

Starting at $120

In person mentorship

In person mentorships gives you a chance to ask all the questions and strategize business but also to work on skills. Perhaps you want to make the perfect fan or troubleshoot styling. 
Whether you want to work strictly on business or a blend of business and skills this is a safe space to get it done. 

Starting at $240

Claire helped me get more clients.

Claire is one of the sweetest most passionate women i know in the industry. what made her stand out to me is that she didn't mind sharing all her tips and tricks

Lash & Brow artist


How it works

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After you book I'll send you a questionnaire to get to know you and your goals. This helps us maximize time together. 



I'll create an agenda for our meeting or phone call, plus I'll conduct a small audit of your social media and website. This will allow us to stay on track for the time we have together. 


we connect

Then the magic happens. Once our date comes to meet or video call we'll go over everything and come up with some actionable steps to get you moving towards your dream business. 


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