learn Email Marketing

What you'll learn

*Technology needed
*how to engage your audience

Email marketing is an essential foundation of successful business. Email marketing has the highest return on investment of any kind of marketing. In this online course you will be learning not only how to start an email list but also how to scale it.
Investment $97

*Writing newsletters

I loved that the email marketing course was broken into daily modules. I didn't feel overwhelmed and i was able to tackle each session at my own pace

Jennifer, esthetician


Grow your lash business

What you'll learn

*Getting confidence on video
*Personal branding

Lash Biz Tune-Up is a 2 week intensive kick start to help you get systems and confidence up and running in your business. You'll get daily modules, worksheets and access to an exclusive community. 
Investment $40

*Knowing your business numbers
*so much more

A wonderful course that inspired me to take my business further and built confidence in my abilities to perform as a female business owner



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Create an ebook

What you'll learn

*Create a digital product in a weekend
*How to sell your product

We live in a digital world who wouldn't like to to make some passive income on the side. This ebook shows you how you can make a digital product in a weekend.
Reach people on a larger scale and make some coin while doing it.
Investment $10

*Different types of products
*how to price your product