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A podcast about entrepreneurship, lifestyle and the messy parts in between.

Giving you the tools to take it to the next level with actionable strategies and steps.  All while having funning and talking about the raw side of business that is full of ups and downs. Join us every Wednesday for a new episode where ever you listen to podcasts

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Hi, I'm Claire. Lash Artist, Business Coach, Digital Course Creator and the list goes on because in this crazy world called entrepreneurship we wear so many hats. I've found my place in the industry making my clients feel beautiful and helping service providers take it to the next level through this podcast, digital courses and mentorship. All with tons of laughs along the way.
I'm so happy to have you here.

This podcast is just what I needed

The way Claire breaks down business concepts in an easy to digest way and keep it light and fresh has me always wanting a new episode. Definitely check it out. 



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